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Frozen Fruits on a Budget

As a college student, budgeting can be difficult, especially with groceries. At the local grocery stores near me in Isla Vista, bags of frozen fruit can be quite expensive (the Co-Op has a bag of frozen strawberries for around $18!). If wanting a variation of different smoothies, the bill can add up quickly.

A helpful tip to save money on frozen fruits is buying fresh fruits such as berries or pineapple when they are on sale at the grocery store. I then would go home, wash, cut them up, bag them, and store them in the freezer. I did this recently at Sprouts Farmers Market, they had a deal of 3/$5 strawberries, so I made myself a whole bag of frozen strawberries that only cost me $5 🙂

Be sure to always check your grocery stores advertisements to see which has the best deals on fruit!

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